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One Of The Top Pet Friendly Hotels In Monterey, CA

Pet Friendly Hotel Monterey CA

Traveling California With Pets? Stop By Bay Park Hotel

For some people, a home simply isn’t complete without a spirited puppy bounding up and down the stairs, a cat snuggling into a corner of the couch for a nap, or a bird joyfully singing its heart out while perched on its owner’s shoulder. Pets bring out the childlike innocence and wonder in their humans, and are a constant source of happiness as well as an inspiration for demonstrating love and compassion for Mother Nature’s creatures.

As such, it can be heartbreaking to leave these furry or feathered friends when family members need to go away for business or vacation. But you won’t have to, if you’re planning a trip to California — Bay Park Hotel, one of the top pet friendly hotels in Monterey, CA, assures a wonderful experience for you and your best animal pals as you explore everything that the sunny state has to offer.

Have a “barking” good time

Most travelers look forward to taking their pet pooches with them as they travel across the country or even across the globe — with their friendly nature and penchant for play, dogs provide wonderful company and are eager to explore.

At the Bay Park Hotel, your dog will be welcomed heartily by the staff — to ensure a comfortable and relaxing stay for these four-legged guests, our policy allows them to share hotel rooms with their humans. That means families won’t need to be separated from their dogs during their stay. Of course, to ensure the protection and comfort of pets at all times, guests are reminded to accompany them at all times within the hotel premises.

Your dog is sure to enjoy the complimentary toy and treats provided by the Bay Park Hotel’s staff. He’ll also be happy to explore the doggie-specific area in the back of the hotel, where he can play and interact with fellow canine travelers.

More of a cat person?

If a purring, meowing ball of fur is more your speed, you’ve certainly got a place at Bay Park Hotel, too. Cats and other pets are also welcome in this pet friendly hotel. Make sure to contact the hotel ahead of booking to discuss details about your pet — the staff will be happy to explain current pet policies and applicable charges so you can have peace of mind and know what to expect when you arrive at the hotel.

Exploring Cannery Row? Strolling through Fisherman’s Wharf? Going for a spin along the 17-Mile Drive? Monterey Bay, CA boasts of spectacular sights and wonderful experiences — and thanks to Bay Park Hotel, your travels will be made extra memorable with your beloved pets in tow.


Pet Policy:

Our pet friendly hotel accepts your four-legged friends in our hotel rooms. Pets are not to be left unattended in the room at any time. A small room charge of $30.00 per night applies.