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Whale Watching Monterey

Whale Watching Monterey
If whale watching is on your mind then you have yet another reason of making a trip to Monterey. As a state, California features as that rare locale where whales can be seen all the year round. But among all the other destinations, Monterey occupies a very special place in the heart of the whale watchers in its own right.

Whale Watching in Monterey, CA

This is because, while in many places eager whale watchers have to go far from the shore to catch a glimpse of this beautiful sea mammal, Monterey offers a refreshing exception. In this city haunted by history, the whales can sometimes be seen offshore with naked eyes. The Monterey Submarine Canyonacts as the perfect habitat for many species of whale thus attracting these animals closer to the shore in order to feed.

Although tourists enjoy whale watching in Monterey throughout the year, what kind of whales they would be able to see largely depends upon the season. Humpbacks, blue whales and gray whales are seasonal in character but there are many others that make an appearance religiously all through the year. The beaked whale and sperm whale which are rather rare can also be seen sometimes.

The Bay Park Hotel has exciting packages for whale watching. Set amidst a soothing natural surrounding and in the beachfront, the hotel is located very close to the primary historical and cultural attractions of the city. Spending a few days at this hotel is a treat in itself.

The rooms are luxurious with the option of one queen size bed or two double beds and have all the modern amenities that increase the comfort quotient. Each package includes two tickets for whale watching and boxed lunch from Crazy Horse Restaurant. The latter is located right inside the hotel and features among the most appreciated eat-outs of the area.

The Bay Park Hotel has partnered with Go Whales, the only whale watching group that has marine biologists on all trips. They offer these water safaris in Monterey Bay throughout the year and one of their uniqueness lies in scheduling the length of trips according to the season. This means they allow as much time as necessary according to the season in order to observe whales and other marine life.

Most of the marine biologists who accompany the trips have more than ten years of relevant experience. Hence, when they offer narrations and answer all questions, it adds a whole new dimension to the entire trip, elevating it almost to the level of an adventure. The captains who remain in charge have more than twenty years of experience in nature trips. It may, hence, be safe to say that they know how to offer an excellent view of marine life.

Tourists who visit this place know it too well and that is why these trips are very popular. Booking a reservation of this package beforehand is highly recommended. Call our front desk at 831-649-1020.