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Hotels Near Monterey Bay Aquarium – Discount Tickets


Explore The Wonders Of The Ocean

Everybody needs a special getaway to recharge and regroup. Social scientists that study competitive work dynamics always say that relaxation should always be taken seriously — as seriously as one takes work. A break from the often stressful conditions presented by advancing careers can enrich a person with experiences that can prove great worth in many aspects of life.

If you’re thinking of a quick getaway for a weekend but you want to pack it with a wide array of new and enjoyable activities, then Monterey Bay has a great selection of provisions that would delight (as if the uniqueness of the city were not enough!). We at the Bay Park Hotel have everything you need to relax, get a cultural experience, savor an opportunity to commune with nature, and so much more. Currently, we have one very special package, and if you love observing marine life and learning more about it, it’s the perfect getaway for you.

Bay Park Hotel is Near Monterey Bay Aquarium

Our Monterey Bay Aquarium partner hotel is greatly in demand; you get Monterey Bay Aquarium discount tickets 2 days for the price of 1 so you can have the fantastic experience of seeing the hidden wonders and marine diversity of Monterey Bay. The Aquarium has nearly 200 galleries and exhibits; plus, it also shows a short film that takes visitors behind the scenes at the Aquarium to discover how it tends to more than 40,000 animals and plants. In addition to these, the package includes other experiences, such as the following:

  • Penguin Feeding– A feature of the aquarium tour that young visitors particularly enjoy but older folks also like to take part in.
  • Project White Shark– The perfect opportunity to observe and learn more about these threatened species.
  • Albatross Encounter– Witness the beautiful Laysan albatross, and learn the environmental challenges this incredible bird is facing.
  • And much, much more!– Visit their website at for more info.

It’s also worth noting that the Aquarium has a cafeteria that serves some of the best garlic fries in the Bay Area, and the stores on the same floor sell great souvenirs (plushies, books, clothing, and all sorts of other cute and functional items) for you to take home.

Score Monterey Bay Aquarium Discount Tickets

Bay Park Hotel, which is one of the top class hotels near Monterey Bay Aquarium, offers discount tickets with 2 days for the price of 1 to all our hotel guests. This package is perfect for a weekend stay for a family of 4 and couples that want to get away. If you wish to revisit the Aquarium, extra Monterey Bay Aquarium discount tickets are available at the front desk. The discount tickets are subject to availability on holidays and special events, and can be added to existing reservations or groups.

We still have more to offer if you have other activities in mind; our concierge is ready to help and ensure that you’ll have the vacation experience you’re looking for.