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The Unique Ocean Life of the Monterey Bay Sanctuary

Beautiful Marine Life, Right Here In Monterey Bay

All along the Pacific Coast there are special marine sanctuaries that are set aside as protected waters by the United States Government. In California, the Monterey Bay is one of those areas.

“The Monterey Bay is perhaps one of the most unique and diverse in the world. It is the largest in the U.S. covering over 5300 square miles. The great diversity and habitats include:

  • 450 species of Algae
  • 33 species of marine animals
  • 94 species of seabirds
  • 345 species of fish
  • 4 species of sea turtles

There are also thousands of invertebrates living here,” according to author Laura Wrede in My Ocean.

The Monterey Bay marine sanctuary is known throughout the world as the Grand Canyon of the Ocean. The deepest part of the canyon bottom reaches two miles below the surface of the Pacific. As scientists explore the Monterey Bay depths, new discoveries are constantly being made.

One of the most important discoveries in recent years has been an understanding of the feeding habits of the jellyfish. These predators make up a large percentage of the open ocean animal biomass, according to the Monterey Bay research team MBARI. In the Monterey Bay, migratory animals such as whales and tuna must compete with the voracious appetites of the jellies that consume large amounts of krill.

As marine scientists continue to explore the oceans of the Monterey Bay, we will come to better understand how vital these waters are to our area. As you spend the day combing the beach for shells and rocks, be on the lookout for one of these jellyfish that may be lurking in the tide pools.

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Written by Laura Wrede writer and photographer in the Monterey Bay area.
Image by Jim Patterson Photography