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A Stay At Monterey Hotels Creates A More Fulfilling Tour Of The Bay

Hotels are Strategically Located near The City’s Famous Destinations

Monterey Bay Aquarium, Fisherman’s Wharf, and the Monterey Bay Botanical Garden

Some people prefer glitzy San Francisco when visiting California, but if you want something more laidback but equally fascinating, Monterey Bay is the perfect alternative. Located south of San Francisco, it has the same hip culture but there Monterey Hotels Sea Otterdefinitely is a unique, smaller city quality to it that never fails to draw in tourists from all over the US and other counties. There are so many sights to see but it’s relatively quieter; the traffic’s not so bad, too, so you’ll definitely enjoy a more leisurely drive around if you’ve packed your trip with one sight to see after another.

And if you have several days allotted for the tour of this more quaint part of the Bay Area, you should definitely hook yourself up at one of the many Monterey Bay Hotels strategically located near the city’s famous destinations like the Monterey Bay Aquarium, Fisherman’s Wharf, and the Monterey Bay Botanical Garden. There’s a wide range of accommodation choices to choose from that you can fit into your budget and that will surely meet your “comfort” requirements and taste. If you like an unobstructed view of the Bay, there are beachfront hotels and inns that open directly to the bay and all the other beachfront business establishments like cozy dining spots to get clam chowder, the city’s famous garlic fries, and a bounty of gourmet treats.

Now, if you like waking up to a colorful view of sprawling gardens that Monterey Hotels Botanical Gardenshowcase the lovely flora and fauna endemic to the area, there are villa-type accommodations that are just walking distance from the gardens. These hotels are for those who prefer charm over swank, although they surely have top class amenities, services and other features. These Monterey hotels are much smaller, so if you want to stay a night or two at one of them, it’s strongly advised that you make reservations early especially during the summer when holiday-makers troop to the Bay Area for the different festivities. What you will love particularly about these cozier provisions is that many of the small and novel businesses of Monterey Bay are concentrated around them. A lot of people do not even bother driving anymore; walking is the more practical option since every attraction is just several steps away from the next.

Monterey Bay is truly a great place to visit in California especially for people who love nature; one day is not enough to see all the beautiful attractions it has and for all the activities it offers, so don’t just stay for a day. Stay for a couple or more days for a more fulfilling tour.