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Monterey Wine Travel Destinations Voted Top 10 by Wine Enthusiast Magazine

Did you know that Monterey is quickly becoming known for its very own world-class wines? It wasn’t too many decades ago that only Napa was known as wine central of California. Since the early days of wine in California, Monterey has quietly grown its own collection of vineyards and wine tasting. And now this year Wine Enthusiasts Magazine voted Monterey into the Top Ten Wine Travel Destinations of the world!

Monterey Wine

Today there are over 175 unique vineyards in Monterey. Most of the vineyards are grown in a 90-mile-long valley. The valley and coastal areas of Monterey provide several uniquemicroclimates offering forty-two different wine varietals. One area is the northernmost part of Monterey known for their distinct Pinot Noir and Chardonnay due to cool coastal climates of the Monterey Bay. Monterey Wine Country values their current grape crops at over $280 million each year, making it a primary industry in Monterey County.

Bay Park Hotel would like to invite our guests to learn about our local collection of vineyards in our new series: The Wineries of Monterey. Each month we will highlight a few of the individual Monterey wineries and share what is taking place right here in Monterey County. We will explore one of California’s best wine country destinations and highlight tasting, vineyard specials, and wine events so you can make the most of your visit to the Monterey Bay.

If you have a favorite Monterey wine and would like to have it waiting for you in your room at the Monterey Bay Park Inn, please contact our guest services at 831-649-1020 to make those arrangements. It is always our pleasure to make your stay tailored to meet your individual needs.

Written for the Bay Park Hotel by local photographer and writer Laura Wrede.