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Monterey Wine Festival

Enjoy Your Weekend At The Monterey Wine Festival

Event Starts June 6 – 8, 2014

World-class wines — plus, featured spirits. Delectable luxury gourmet foods. And chefs battling to cook the tastiest chowder. California’s longest running wine festival, once again, promises to satisfy your wine cravings and delight your taste buds with its line-up of events. And you can’t afford to miss it this year, or any other year.

The bacchanal this year sees the Monterey Wine Festival kicking off its most sought-after launch at a private location. Guests to this exclusive event will be treated to an array of gourmet foods, from pheasant and caviar to Wagyu beef and foie gras — all of which will be prepared by some of the West Coast’s most award-winning chefs. As to be expected, each sumptuous dish with luxury ingredients will be paired with the right varietal, guaranteeing guests with the most exquisite, knee-weakening gastronomic experience ever.

Day 2 in Historic Downtown Monterey

Wine Festival in Monterey, CAThe next day’s celebrations might be a lot more modest and casual as the festival holds fort at the Custom Plaza House, which is in historic downtown Monterey. If you happen to love chowder, and consider yourself to be something of a connoisseur, this is a day you cannot skip.

The festival has invited chowder masters from San Francisco, Portland, Seattle, and other key chowder destinations to take up their Dutch ovens and prepare the best tasting chowder this side of the coast. Chefs can create their chowders according to the categories: clam, seafood, and creative (cheeseburger chowder, anyone?). As a guest, you can sample the chowders or buy a cup. Here’s the best part: You get to pick your favorite chowder and vote in the People’s Choice Award.

Official Monterey Wine Festival Event Tickets

The next day brings more sumptuous foods and spectacular wines. This time around, you get to drink more whites with the variety of seafood options — from mussels to calamari. But if you want to stick to the classic pairings, there are different cheeses and charcuterie to sample. You can purchase official Monterey Wine Festival tickets on their site.

Monterey Beer Festival 2014If you’re more of a craft beer drinker, the Monterey Beer Festival is another must-see event. Savor some of the finest beers from 80 breweries. Take your pick of cuisines, from Cajun and Cali cuisine to Thai and German. Purchase Beer Festival tickets on their site. This year, the festival actually takes place in the same month and right after the Wine Festival. So you can make a long, long holiday out of it.

Book A Room In Advance Before the Event

Make sure to book a room, in advance, with the best Monterey hotel that features all your required amenities. And then you won’t have to worry about not having sufficient accommodations after you’ve just indulged in all the world-class wines and the different beers from all the 80 breweries in the Beer Festival.