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Monterey Hotels Near the Beach Present Fun for All

Monterey Hotels Near the Beach at Monterey Bay can be a wonderful destination in California. It has everything to attract nature-lovers, food-trippers, bikers, culture vultures – basically, everyone. No wonder it’s a favorite weekend retreat for many.

There are plenty of Monterey hotels near the beach and many of them offer accommodation packages to meet the experience desired by guests. Likewise, these hotels are quick to provide guests with ideas on things to do in Monterey, CA.

“Speaking of fun things to do in Monterey, rounded up below are activities that come highly recommended by Monterey hotel for visitors of all ages and budgets.”

Monterey Hotels Near the Beach offer: 

For Culture Vultures

There are beautiful museums to visit; you can learn about the area’s history and check out the wonderful works of local artists, which include paintings and various types of handicrafts. Top picks for museums are the Museum of Monterey, Monterey Museum of Art – La Mirada, and Colton Hall Museum.

For Food-Trippers

Great eats can be found all over Monterey but if you want variety in one place, head on straight to Fisherman’s Wharf where you can actually enjoy some of the best clam chowders you’ve ever had – for free! A lot of dining establishments give out samples of their clam chowder. Aside from chowder, the wharf also has ice cream houses, diners, fancy restaurants, Mexican food stands, watering holes, and many others.

For Beach-Lovers

The Marina State Beach is worth visiting if you’re in for a day of kayaking, paddle-boarding, surfing, or sunbathing. This is a popular place for college kids over the weekends. Another stunning beach worth making a stop at is Lovers’ Point Beach; it has a strong Grecian vibe and it’s perfect for picnics.

For Hikers

McWay Waterfall offers a trail that any hiker – beginner or advanced – will enjoy. It offers spectacular views of both the northern and southern coasts, and of course, the enchanting waterfall that gracefully cascades 80 feet down.

For Birdwatchers

Carmel River State Beach is known for its bird-watching; different types of birds can be seen here throughout the year. 

For Families

The Monterey Bay Aquarium is a must for families because it reveals the wonders of the bay and it offers fun activities for the little ones. Ticket prices can be high, however, but a lot of Monterey hotels offer packages that include discounted admission tickets to the aquarium.

For Those on a Budget

Capitola and Santa Cruz, the Whole Enchilada Marketplace, and Cannery Row provide yummy eats, free outdoor fun and other affordable experiences. You can spend an entire day at these places without busting a lot of money.

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