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Monterey County Farmers Market

Monterey County Farmers Markets – A Great Way to Enjoy a Laid Back Day

World Famous Produce

Grown right in our backyard!

Each year Monterey County visitors enjoy coming to the Monterey area to visit attractions like the Monterey Bay Aquarium, take in world-class events at Pebble Beach and Laguna Secca Monterey County Farmers Market Bay Park HotelRaceway, and enjoy music festivals with headliner bands at the Monterey County Fairgrounds.

Then there are others who visit our area for a few days of pure relaxation where calendars and schedules have been left behind at the office. The only entertainment they want to enjoy are flocks of seagulls as they land on the rocks while waves crest and fall; feeling the warm autumn sun on a cool September morning; and enjoying the company of the locals as many tourists have returned home for the summer.  Which makes it a prime time to enjoy the Monterey County Farmers Market.

Going to one of our local Farmers Markets is one way to enjoy a laid back day on the coast. Our Farmers’ Markets are a great way to spend a casual morning perusing some of the finest organic produce in the county. There are also handmade crafts, art vendors, flowers, and lots of great food selections for all over the world. The Bay Park Hotel in Monterey is just down the road from two outstanding Monterey County Farmers Markets where you can pick up a basket full of goodies to take with you as you enjoy a quiet day of rest and relaxation on the beach.

Pacific Grove Farmers’ Market

Open from: 4:00 PM to 7:00 PM , Central and Grand Ave.

Old Monterey Farmers’ Market

Open every Tuesday Winter: 4-7p Summer: 4-8p Alvarado Street between Del Monte and Pearl.

Written by local writer and photographer Laura Wrede