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Central California Getaway – Recommended Hotels In Monterey CA

Monterey Hosts an Abundance of Places to Stay

Shopping, Wildlife Adventures, Water Sports, Whale Watching


“Cannery Row in Monterey in California is a poem, a stink, a grating noise, a quality of light, a tone, a habit, a nostalgia, a dream.” – John Steinbeck, “Cannery Row”

If you were ever into Steinbeck, then Central California’s Monterey probably holds some fascination for you in the way that great literature often inspires a yearning among its readers to live bits and pieces from its pages. Thanks to his intriguing words about one of the city’s most famous districts, the  scuba diving hotels in monterey caPulitzer and Nobel winner has lured legions of fans to his hometown, and now his bust holds a special place of honor in this historic portion of the city.

About a score short of a century since those moving words were first published, Steinbeck’s Monterey is now more a fond memory for those who’d been there to witness the heyday of the county’s sardine canning industry. These days, it’s a dream destination for all sorts of travelers.

What’s not to love about Monterey Bay? Cool yet sunny, with the hint of fog always ready to creep in from the Pacific, it’s just the kind of climate that produces plenty of comfortable outdoor days. Gorgeous beaches, quaint fishing wharfs, historic buildings, a dazzling waterfront, a world-renowned aquarium… Its natural beauty and romantic qualities readily feed the sentimental soul. Shopping, wildlife adventures, water sports, whale watching… It definitely offers a plethora of touristy treats for visitors to the fair city. semantic domain data The much-celebrated Cannery Row is, in fact, now lined with some of the city’s finest commercial establishments. Monterey, CA has ingeniously turned this industrial section into an enchanting waterfront boasting a harmony of vintage and contemporary appeal.

 whale watching hotels in monterey caOne of the favorite holiday destinations in the Golden State, Monterey hosts an abundance of places to stay that cater to varying budgets. Business travelers, conventioneers, and wealthy visitors turn to five-star accommodations such as extremely private spa resorts and large corporate hotels. Recommendations for high end hotels in Monterey CA would include a couple of chain hotels near the Fisherman’s Wharf. Hotels near Monterey Bay Aquarium are extremely popular, of course, so the Cannery Row choices are always in demand.

If you’re on a tighter budget and don’t necessarily require a view of the bay, moderately-priced rooms are available in inexpensive family-style motels a short distance from the more expensive downtown options. The amenities are still good, although not quite as fancy, but if you come with your own transportation, they qualify for enjoyable and comfortable yet practical lodgings.

Those lace-and-flower B&Bs vary in rates depending on their location, but they often offer a charming but cheaper alternative. Of course, if you’re on a much tighter budget, there are also plenty of motels, inns, and travel lodges farther away from the center of the city.

Monterey, CA should definitely be in your bucket list. If you’ve already been there, then it’s certain that you want to return. Keep in mind to heed the call of this amazing place.